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蘇文彬 老師, Atomically dispersed golds on degradable zero-valent copper nanocubes augment oxygen driven Fenton-like reaction for effective orthotopic tumor therapy., Nat Commun . 2022 Dec 15;13(1):7772.

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Herein, we employ a galvanic replacement approach to create atomically dispersed Au on degradable zero-valent Cu nanocubes for tumor treatments on female mice. Controlling the addition of precursor HAuCl4 allows for the fabrication of different atomic ratios of AuxCuy. X-ray absorption near edge spectra indicates that Au and Cu are the predominant oxidation states of zero valence. This suggests that the charges of Au and Cu remain unchanged after galvanic replacement. Specifically, Au0.02Cu0.98 composition reveals the enhanced •OH generation following O2 → H2O2 → •OH. The degradable Au0.02Cu0.98 released Cu+ and Cu2+ resulting in oxygen reduction and Fenton-like reactions. Simulation studies indicate that Au single atoms boot zero-valent copper to reveal the catalytic capability of Au0.02Cu0.98 for O2 → H2O2 → •OH as well. Instead of using endogenous H2O2, H2O2 can be sourced from the O2 in the air through the use of nanocubes. Notably, the Au0.02Cu0.98 structure is degradable and renal-clearable.

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